Formed in 2014,  Latina Girls Code is a program created to fill the diversity gap between girls who are interested in technology through education and resources. LGC will provide mentors, access to hardware and digital tools as well as internships through various programs and events throughout the year. It is the endeavor of the organization to provide tangible education to those particularly in disadvantaged areas in hopes to spur interest in the technology.



To provide technology instruction and resources for girls ages 7-17.




1-day workshops / hackathons – events to provide quick knowledge and collaboration around contemporary topics in the technology field and/ or civic engagement.

6 week programs  – intense 4 day a week programs to learn the latest technology languages and entrepreneurial skills.
12 week program – in depth programs that will include intensive training and mentorship for programming and entrepreneurship. Participants will learn through a series of projects that will be done in partnership with community organizations.